Membership Instructions & Application Template

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Membership Instructions & Application Template

Post  xblindmanx on 3/8/2010, 11:54

Welcome to Ragnarok! In order to be accepted into our forums and guild you must first apply. Your application will then be thoroughly examined and we will determine if you are a good fit for our guild. If you are accepted your username will be accepted and you'll officially be apart of the guild!

How to make an Application

Using the template below, create a thread in our Introductions & Applications section (the only section non-registered viewers can view) and fill out the details, it will ask you for a username, you may put whatever you wish aslong as it is not taken.

Remember, you do NOT have to register to apply, non-registered viewers may create threads in the Introductions & Applications section.

Please use the following Application Template when applying:

1. In-game Name:

2. Age:

3. Guild Wars 2 Forum Name:

4. Current Level And Class:

5. Approximate Playing Time Per Week:

6. Your Time Zone:

7. *Your Previous Factions/Guilds/Legions:

8. Reason Why You Want To Join Ragnarok:

9. Will you be available on anything like Vent/MSN/Xfire:

10. Anyone You Know In The Faction Who Can Vouch For You:

11. What does Rule No.1 of Ragnarok state?:

12. We have a fairly strict no multi-guilding rule. Are you willing to follow this?

13. Which elements of the guild interest you? PvP, PvE, Role Play, community, other:

14. How active do you prefer to be on forums?:

15. What means of contact can we use to reach you? (MSN, Xfire, email etc):

16. A little about you:

17. Previous Games:

*This includes the current game (if any) and any previous MMO's you've played.


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