Orcuriel's application

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Orcuriel's application

Post  Orcuriel on 17/6/2014, 16:10

1. In-game Name: Orcuriel

2. Age: 25

3. Guild Wars 2 Forum Name: N/A

4. Current Level And Class: 33 Kindred

5. Approximate Playing Time Per Week: 20+

6. Your Time Zone:Eastern Time (USA)

7. *Your Previous Factions/Guilds/Legions: Phantomhive.

8. Reason Why You Want To Join Ragnarok: It seems like a good guild to join and I absolutely adore the name Ragnarok.

9. Will you be available on anything like Vent/MSN/Xfire: Yes.

10. Anyone You Know In The Faction Who Can Vouch For You: No.

11. What does Rule No.1 of Ragnarok state?: Rule one states that you shall not break rule one.

12. We have a fairly strict no multi-guilding rule. Are you willing to follow this? Yes

13. Which elements of the guild interest you? PvP, PvE, Role Play, community, other: All of the above.

14. How active do you prefer to be on forums?: Fairly active.

15. What means of contact can we use to reach you? (MSN, Xfire, email etc): Skype/email/FB

16. A little about you: I am a 25 year old female who enjoys fantasy games and my sister suggested this game, and so far, I have absolutely fell in love with it. I play in my spare time from when I am not working.

17. Previous Games: Runes Of Magic


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