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Welcome to the forum!

Post  xblindmanx on 2/4/2012, 12:13

Thank you for taking an interest in the Ragnarok Guild! You can find a brief history located here. This is our forum and our base of operations. We use RaidCall and instant messaging software to stay in touch while not on the forums, or in game. In order to be a full member of Ragnarok you must complete and application and have it approved by our current members. After that you will be requested to make an account and it will be activated by one of the administrators.

That means,

FIRST - make an application in the "Intorductions and Applications" section, the template cane be found here. There is no need to make an account before posting, and doing so will only delay the application process.

SECOND - wait approx. 24 hours for the application to be reviewed. Occasionally we will request interviews, which will be set up by pming your GW2 forum account.

THIRD - if you are accepted you will be asked to make an account on our forum.

FOURTH - once accepted you will be a part of the family! From that time you will have 2 weeks to show your activeness and interest in the guild/game. You can do this in various ways, found in the rules.

FIFTH - Read the rules.


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